Адреса Badstraße 41a, Berlin
Веб-сайт www.uferstudios.com
Телефон +49 30 46060887

Список театральних вистав

Нам невідомо про якісь події в цьому місці.

Опис місця

The Uferstudios for contemporary dance can be found in Berlin-Mitte. The landmarked area includes 16 spacious studios, several offices and workshops. Between the two entrances at Badstraße 41a and Uferstraße 23. there is a large courtyard, which invites you to linger or be creative of any kind.

Since the renovation, which was funded by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin, and opening in 2010, the Uferstudios offer choreographers, dancers and other artists space for professional work. The idea behind the Uferstudios is the synergetic combination of artistic production, education and information.

The Uferstudios regularly organize various events and offer a varied program — dance acts, shows, readings and many other performances.


Подібні місця

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