My Paradise Is Darker Than Your Hell

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Address Sokolovská 371/1, Praha 8
Origin Czechia
Original name Moje nebe je horší než tvoje peklo
Movie genre Documentary, Czech
Entry CZK 129
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Length 76 min
Director Kateřina Dudová
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Release 2023
Ranking 67 %

Performing: David Štilip, Helena Papírníková, Jan Kačena, Kateřina Dudová, Tadeáš Pochman

Theatre director Jan Kačena poisoned himself in 2019 by inhaling fumes and suffered irreversible brain damage. While his partner makes a film as a declaration of love, he lies unconscious. In the film, the director follows moments in the everyday lives of three people close to him: Czech rapper Tyler Durden, painter Tadeáš Pochman and film director Helena Papírníková. In a naturalistic way, it captures drug addiction, self-destructive tendencies and family problems, which are the subject of intimate, often uncomfortable conversations. The result is a diary-style probe into the fate of the artistic bohemia of late capitalism.


Praha 8, Atlas Cinema My Paradise Is Darker Than Your Hell

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