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Particle Poetry


Particle Poetry is exhibition and exploration at the same time. It focuses on the relationship between the smallest matter in the universe, its visualization, and its impact on our daily lives. Particle Poetry takes visitor:s on an audio visual journey into the characterization of an intangible matter that defines life and existence. The exhibition provides multiple interpretations of the effect and representation in space and depicts this seemingly invisible matter on canvases.

What is the world actually made of? What are people actually made of? The short answer is: matter, elementary particles.

Of these there are two kinds: matter particles and force particles. Matter particles are the building materials of the matter. Everything is composed of it. Quarks and leptoms fall under it. These objects are needed for the existence of all possible things. Everything is composed of this: stars, planets and also oneself. And finally even thoughts which one has. A single particle does not think, but the composition of these and their interactions give rise to thoughts.

Particle Poetry explores how these particles without structure affect the space of the exhibition. It explores how the smallest matter without structure can be represented artistically. How does it behave in space? How do forces act? And what triggers this representation?


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