Permanent exhibition

Smoke signals, pneumatic tube, robots

Address Leipziger Straße 16, Berlin
Entry € 3–5
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The museum's permanent collection illustrates the past, present and future perspectives of the information society. Starting from the atrium as an architectural key space, the entire house opens up about the galleries.

You are greeted in the atrium by three charming robots that encourage communication and interaction. The communication gallery around the atrium offers an array of interactive terminals, providing a fun way to explore the world of news transmission.

On a journey from the Stone Age hand axe to the printed book in the early modern age, the nineteenth-century telegraph, and the modern smartphone, the permanent exhibition on the first and second floors focuses on the revolution in human communication. Here, you can try out a pneumatic post system, a semaphore telegraph and a morse code transmitter.

The exhibits in the Collection Rooms showcase technical developments in postal history, the pneumatic post, the culture of writing and the telegraph and telephone.

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