Museum of Communication

Museum of Communication

Address Leipziger Straße 16, Berlin

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The Museum of Communication (Museum für Kommunikation Berlin) brings the past and the future together under one roof. Its permanent exhibition makes it possible for visitors to comprehend and experience the origin, development and future opportunities of our information society. The focus at the museum is on the applied handling of signs, codes and media and the resulting changes in our private and public lives.

The stories behind the most famous exhibits on display are told in the treasury. This includes the "cosmos stamp", which accompanied cosmonauts into space, as well as the first telephones and the most famous stamps in the world: the Blue and Red Mauritius. The museum's atrium and the communications gallery are designed to inspire communication. Three charming robots are on hand to entertain and inform visitors. A series of interactive stations in the communications gallery provide information on the basics of communication in an enjoyable way. In the theme gallery and the collection rooms, visitors are introduced to key questions relating to the history of communication: How do media change our perception of time and space? How does the rapid acceleration of the transport of people, goods and data affect us all? How does the self-representation of institutions and nations change overtime? Exhibitions on the second floor deal with themes such as "Media and War" and the role of the mass media in our society.

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