DISK Theatre

DISK Theatre

Adres Karlova 26, Praha 1
Strona internetowa www.divadlodisk.cz
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Koniec Eddyho
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Opis miejsca

Disk theatre is the stage of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, located at Karlova 26, Prague (since 1999). DISK is a classic repertory theatre with one fixed ensemble consisting of the final year students of the Department of Dramatic Theatre. The theatre also presents stage projects of the final year students of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. These are selected in an open call competition in which students can pitch their creative ideas to pedagogues. In addition, non-repertory shows include those of festivals organised by students from other departments.

DISK is ran collectively by DISK staff and by students of Directing, Dramaturgy, Stage Design, Costume Design, and Arts Management. Theory and Criticism students lead discussions (“DISK_USE“) with audiences and the creative teams.

DISK is technologically multifunctional and adaptable to the needs of all students. Its facilities compete with the most modern of Czech theatres in their quality and variety. DISK is popular with audiences who appreciate not only its diversity and artistic quality, but also the personnel’s attitude and the nearby KAFE DAMU.


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