Přístav 18600

Přístav 18600

Adresa Rohanský ostrov, Praha
Webová stránka www.18600.cz
E-mail hanz@18600.cz
Telefón 775 569 928

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Popis miesta

The port is a relatively new kulutním 18600 point on Prague's cultural map, instead of outdoors, where you can spend your free time. Originally an unused and neglected land considerably on the banks of the Vltava River in the places of the former train station "Karlin-Harbour, gradual steps is transformed into a vibrant park with facilities for cultural events, and both active and passive recreation. Was thus offers more green area, a place for culture and mainly connects previously Harbour once again to the river.

The action is not collected at the port of 18600 admission. Because the artists in most cases, your fee is in these cases always an hour before the start of the program to your first drinks added a premium of 30 to 100 € depending on the type of the event. You will get a stamp on your hand and a smile from the operator. – Translated by Automatic service


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