Výstaviště Praha

Výstaviště Praha

Adresa Výstaviště 67, Praha 7 – Holešovice
Webová stránka www.navystavisti.cz
Telefón +420 702 128 232
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The Exhibition Center was established on the occasion of the General Land Jubilee Exhibition organized in 1891 by the division of the eastern part of the original area of ​​Stromovka Park in Bubenec. It covers an area of ​​36 hectares and is dominated by the Art Nouveau Industrial Palace. Due to countless inside and outside possibilities, it is a great and popular place for organizing a variety of cultural, social and entertainment events throughout the year. Thanks to its location close to the center and parking facilities, the Exhibition Center is very well accessible. At the Exhibition Grounds you will also find the National Museum Lapidarium: https: //goout.net/en/gallery/lapidarium-narodni-muzea/jug/, Marold's Panorama of the Battle of Lipan, Křižík's Light Fountain, and Sea World Aquarium. In the vicinity of the Exhibition Grounds there is a large park Stromovka and the Prague Planetarium on the west side.

The Exhibition Center suffered three large fires in the past. The first burned down the lower part of the exhibition center in 1991, the Brussels Pavilion. In 2005, the unique Wood Globe Theater burned down, and in 2008 the entire left wing of the beautiful Art Nouveau Industrial Palace burned down.

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